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Targeted tutoring requires an assessment to identify weak study skill areas and knowledge gaps.


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  • Is your child struggling in school?  

  • Is homework always a battle?

  • Have you tried tutoring with no lasting benefits?

  • Are you searching for the answer to your child’s                                          learning problems?

  • Are you at your wits’ end?

End the struggle.  Research says the brain can be developed and retrained to function more efficiently. Brackett Learning Center offers uniquely formulated brain training programs that get results for students who are performing below their abilities. Brackett Learning Center is the solution that will make a difference for a lifetime!

Anyone who wants or needs improvement in memory, visualization, focusing, comprehension, problem solving, thinking, planning and organizing can benefit from our services.

Unlike curriculum-based tutoring, we provide programs that retrain the brain.  Our approach includes individualized methods designed to strengthen cognitive skills for a lifetime of independent learning. This will result in achieving lasting improvements instead of masking the problem for short term results.

How is Brackett Learning Center different?

Who can we help?

Melanie Brackett describes cognitive skills as “the skills needed for learning”. “They are the mental tools required to process and learn academics. These foundational skills are known as attention, visual and auditory processing, memory, comprehension, and logic & reasoning.”

What are cognitive skills?  

We provide cutting-edge programs that are research based and among the most effective programs designed to improve brain function. These programs remove learning obstacles and make learners independent for life.

What makes us successful?

How do we begin?

First, we provide a comprehensive assessment that identifies the learning skills that are weak.  Once these are revealed, the skills are targeted for appropriate training.

The center owner and director is Melanie Brackett, M. Ed. Melanie is a professional educator who has 25 years of experience working with students.  She has been trained in many clinical educational programs.  In addition, passionate parent’s referrals and testimonies are available on request.  Please feel free to call or email the center with questions.

Who do I need to talk to?  

What is the training process?

The training initially improves attention.  Once the student’s attention is improved, it is applied to procedures that improve each of the skills mentioned above.  Students commit to a minimum of 3 sessions per week of pre-planned, intensive exercises.